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What’s so good about GMG all natural Make-off makeup remover?

GMG all natural Make-off is the safest, gentlest, easiest way to remove your makeup.

What makes GMG all natural Make-off so different?

Unlike other removers, GMG all natural Make-off is extra gentle.  

It won’t sting your eyes when removing mascara.

It leaves your face clean and without dryness.


GMG all natural Make-off contains a proprietary blend of extracts of natural and plants grown solely in the USA including: pure water, amino acids, cactus, coconut, grass, potatoes, rice, tree nuts,  corn oil, organic essential oils, minute amounts of natural or nonionic surfactants, fatty acids, vinegar & organic alcohol in a base of colloidal micelles. All ingredients are approved by Good Housekeeping & OSHA. No toxic health-threatening fumes nor carcinogenic VOC’s.



Shake bottle well before using.

Pump desired amount of GMG all natural Make-off onto makeup sponge or soft cloth.

Gently apply to face.

Wipe it off. 

Rinse with clear water.

Pat dry with clean towel  

Apply moisturizer.  It’s that simple.

FAQs Make-Off


GMG all natural Make-off is slippery when spilled.    Meets OSHA standards 29CFR-1910 1200. USDA approved for Federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants. Contains no ingredients listed on OSHA hazardous materials list, however, chemically sensitive people should test before using.  Safe for Eyes, Ears, Skin, and Ingestion, but remember it is a soap, so too much can cause a tummy ache.  MSDS available on request.