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Animal Wash

8 oz. spray bottle


32 oz. spray bottle


...customer proven safe & effective providing animals with a natural solution to most skin afflictions, including: mange, hot spots, ringworm, fungus, lice & more

Easy to Use

All natural

Suppresses Bacteria & Parasites

Works Quickly (4-7 days)

Rapid Skin & Wound Recovery

        when you follow directions!

GMG all-natural Animal Wash for all

dogs, cats, horses & more without harsh chemicals!

What do our Customers Say?  Read On...

OMG .....I used GMG "shampoo"  on Walter after you left...I rubbed it all over him and this morning all his sores were healing - no redness on his belly or back legs and not itching!!!!  Miraculous!  I cannot thank you enough for having an amazing product that is safe, natural and most of all has incredible results!!!  On behalf of all the rescue dogs who come to us with horrific skin issues THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!      

                                                                                               Warmest regards - Addie and all The Daddio Dogs!

I emailed you a few weeks ago, from uk London about my American bulldog, she has been suffering with her skin for most of her life. Well, i received your product and tried it on her, the results are fantastic. Within a week we saw a massive difference, we cant believe it, her skin is looking so good and she is so happy too no more itching or irritated skin.     This product is truly wonderful.  I also took your advice about her diet, so we cut out all chicken and fowl.  Thank you so much for everything, its amazing to finally see my dogs skin looking so good, after all the years of antibiotics and steroids prescribed by our vet and no real solution and countless skin test and dermatologists.    I would like to order more of this product, 2 bottles if possible, could you please contact me so i can make the payment like we did last time. ...Thanks again, Marie

So I'm finally able to let you know how GMG all natural Animal Wash worked.  While I got the "wash" to have on hand for one of my dogs who usually gets hotspots when it gets warm outside, it was my other dog who I tried it on first.  She started limping and I noticed she was hesitant to put her front right paw down.  I thought it might be arthritis setting in because there was nothing visible on her paw pads, but she flinched when I tried to touch her paw.  I finally was able to check between the pads and there appeared to be some inflammation.  I started spraying her paw with the GMG, as directed, and after the second day I could see an improvement in how she walked.  By day four she was back to normal and now she walks and runs with no hesitation.  I can honestly say that GMG all natural Animal Wash is a great product.  I intend to keep GMG in my home and I would recommend it for other guardians whose pets may get a minor abrasion or irritation.  I don't wish a hotspot on my other dog, but I won't hesitate to use GMG on it.  (Of course, whenever in doubt, see a vet first.) I'm glad I met you and thanks for letting me know about your site,  Sherry

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